The ultimate trilogy: mind, body, spirit

August 24th, 2014

“My job is a pain in the neck.”

“Your news broke my heart.”

“I’m worried sick over it.”

People often use idioms to make their language more interesting or dramatic. But our language and choice of expressions often give clues to a deeper meaning.

Have you ever received bad news, and suddenly felt as though you were going to throw up? Or injured yourself and spiraled into a massive depression? Ever been weighed down by responsibilities and unexplainably gained 10 pounds?

True wellbeing encompasses all our parts, not just the physical body. When our emotions are in turmoil or the mind is bombarded with obsessive thoughts, our health is compromised. The human body gives cues and feedback all the time. Sometimes we sense the signals immediately—upset stomach, aching back, pounding headache—but we are so often distracted that we miss the warning signalsWhen this happens we remain unaware that something is amiss, sometimes becoming seriously ill. It is possible to develop such conditions as heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer, from not listening to your body.

This is not to say that all illness is “caused” by our thoughts. The relationship between the mind and body is complex, and sometimes things happen at a physical level for which there isn’t a plausible explanation. We may have an inherent tendency for health or imbalance; in some cases, genetics is the major factor underlying an illness. At the same time, we all have an amazing potential to heal and transform ourselves through our thoughts, perceptions, and choices. The body is a magnificent network of intelligence, capable of far more than what science can explain.

Maintaining balance between the mind, body and spirit is necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life. The three so are interconnected that when one aspect is off, so are the others.


Emotional health and wellbeing is a crucial part of the wellness equation. Stress can distort decision-making, disrupt emotional thought processing and compromise the health of the human spirit. Depression, anxiety and emotional disorders can prohibit people from living happy lives.


One of the easiest ways to maintain physical health is through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Those who make caring for their bodies a priority tend to have more physical and mental energy, sleep better and are often able to enjoy excellent mobility well into old age. Exercise can significantly aid in emotional wellbeing, while depression is often relieved by an exercise routine. There are many different forms of exercise—from walking to Tai Chi—and any form of consistent physical exertion can be beneficial.


The spirit or soul has a great effect on happiness and how people tend to view the world around them. Some people achieve a balanced condition through religious practices or services. A sense of spiritual connection contributes to a positive outlook and can give comfort and strength in times of adversity. Spiritual happiness can also come from secular sources, like meditation or a connection to nature. Spirituality brings humans closer to their true selves.

Rebalancing activities

Here are three places to start as you seek to align and balance your mind, body and spirit.

Practice gratitude. Every day, maybe even starting today, commit to writing down 3-5 things you’re grateful for. Eventually, you can make your list any length you want, but to start, set a small goal and stick to it. Write your list in full sentences such as “I am grateful for …” or “I am grateful that …” This way, it’s a complete thought, and you’re not just listing things or people, but actively associating them with giving thanks.

Release it. Many of us harbor emotional toxicity in the form of a destructive habit, a frightening worry or unresolved anger. This contributes to emotional waste that needs to be eliminated. Ask yourself, “What am I holding onto from the past that no longer serves me?” Explore ways to release these unproductive feelings, such as seeking counseling or having a ceremony to say goodbye to the negativity.

Exercise. Find a way to move your body that you enjoy and then commit to it. A complete fitness program includes movement to provide flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. If you’re just starting out or re-introducing exercise to your life, refrain from judging what you’re capable of doing or deeming it “not enough.” Just get up and go!

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Will you help me bounce back?

July 11th, 2014

DVD_coverI recently suffered a defeat. The demand for Season One of Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark was strong in our local television market, so we made the commitment to put it on DVD. Then, I got brave and decided to approach a major retailer to ask that they the carry it in their stores nationwide. We almost made it to the final cut, but in the end, they passed. I was dejected. So I called my contact at the retailer’s headquarters and asked what we could do to be reconsidered. She invited us to submit Season Two on DVD, but recommended we build a sales basis as proof that that we have a following and that a demand for the show exists.

I accepted the challenge and now have a goal to sell 1000 copies of Season One between today and the start of Season Three.

And so, now I am asking for help.

Without a significant retail presence, the work needed to sell one DVD at a time is daunting. That said, I have personally participated in “crowdfunding” types of events and know how good it feels to help something I support to become successful. I am hoping that like me, you believe that hard work (and a few well-placed asks) will pay off. I promise you, our entire production crew has worked hard to bring you quality content and a great show. So I hope you will respond favorably when I ask you to go to and spend $29.95 (+ shipping) to help us reach the finish line and sell those DVDs, so we can be taken seriously in the retail world.

Thank you for listening, and for any support you can offer. I’m ready to bounce back and I know we can do this!

Also note that organizations that are interested in offering the DVD as part of an employee or customer program are eligible for quantity discounts.


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How to Improve Skin Quality

July 5th, 2014

7072191We blush when we’re embarrassed. Turn pale when we’re fearful. Glow when we’re delighted. The skin is our interface with the world. It is also a reflection of our health inside.

Most people want healthy, attractive skin. We feel better and more confident, better able to “face the world” when we feel good about the condition of our complexions. But the skin is a tattletale: It truly is a mirror of our overall physical condition. All of our bad habits, negative emotions and problems are mirrored in our skin. On the flip side, the skin also can reflect a healthy diet, consistent exercise and a life filled with love. Would you like to improve your skin’s appearance? Here are a few places to begin.

Feed your face. To improve skin quality, choose dark orange colored, beta-carotene rich foods such as apricots, cantaloupe, peaches, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato. Include high-quality oils in your diet including avocado, raw (not roasted!) nuts and seeds, coconut and extra-virgin olive oil. Eat a big salad every day and include some bitter greens, cucumbers, radishes and beets. Make your own fresh salad dressing.

Go skinny-sipping. Drinking sufficient water is essential for a healthy complexion. Water helps to eliminate substances that would clog the pores. Fresh vegetable juices are fabulous for skin health and contribute to the “glow” that many healthy people have. Choose juices made from beet, carrot, celery, parsley, cucumber and spinach for extra good measure. Be aware that alcoholic and caffeine-containing beverages can dehydrate the skin and increase the appearance of wrinkles.

Do an about-face. Foods to avoid for healthier skin include fried foods, refined carbohydrates, wheat products and fats that have been heated (this includes baked goods and bottled salad dressings). Reduce or eliminate sugar, which contributes to breakouts. Finally, avoid overeating: The process of digestion diverts blood to the stomach, at the expense of the skin.

Sun safety

Excessive sun exposure has been linked to premature aging and wrinkles. Repeated tanning, and especially burning, increases the risk of cancer. Substances that can increase photo-sensitivity and the likelihood of burning include antibiotics, antidepressants, artificial sweeteners, birth control pills, carbonated beverages, certain essential oils (such as angelica, lemon, lime, neroli), hormones, Retin-A, St. John’s Wort.

The type of fats we eat can also affect how our bodies react to the sun. Consumption of refined oils such as corn, canola, soy and safflower are believed to increase skin cancer risk. Some of the chemicals in sunscreens might be a contributing factor in skin cancers, even though they give protection against burning.

If you choose to use sunscreen, visit the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website to compare brand recommendations.

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