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Pre-dawn Re-realization

August 24th, 2010

I had forgotten I used to be one of them. The morning culture: the people who walk or run or use the dog as an excuse for early morning solitude. I used to be a devout one; I never missed. Even if I had a 6:00 flight — I went at 3:00 a.m. Ice and lightening were the only two things I bowed to. Sometimes not even they could keep me away.

The morning culture got me through it all: The rocky times with the ex. The employee rifts. The money scares. The fears, the doubts, the bad news. It also became my place for solitary celebration of the things that no one else would notice: Of the times I stood up for myself. Of the small victories over adversity. Of the mile run 15 seconds faster. And then—somehow, one day—I just stopped. I think it was years ago. I think I said “I get better exercise in the gym.” I think I fractured my foot. I think I took it for grated, all that it had done for me. I know I slipped away.

I went back there this morning. It was only for 15 minutes. One mile, not 10k. And it felt exactly like when I visited my fathers’ grave after 25 years: I wondered why I hadn’t come sooner. It started to rain lightly about halfway into it: I thought to myself that the sky was so happy to see me again, it cried. That thought came to me not out of ego, but out of a sense of deep union. I reconnected to the smell of pre-dawn ground. To the neighbors who are up early too, obeying the Code of Silence. To the understanding that it can rain on one side of the street, and not the other.

I am writing this to take a snapshot of it. So I remember. To help me re-forge the connection; maybe it’ll be stronger this time. I hope so. I need it, and I’ve always needed it. It’s good to be back.

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August 1st, 2010

Hot Raw ChefThis has been a big week here at Fork in the Road and for me personally. First, I am delighted—no, thrilled—to announce that I won not only “Peoples’ Choice” in the 2010 Hot Raw Chef competition sponsored by Living Light Culinary Institute, I also won The Grand Prize! The competition was formidable, and my hat is tipped to the other contenders. I need to test drive some of their recipes, for sure! To learn more, visit Also see my July 7 blog to snag the recipe for my winning “Chocolate Jalapeno Poppers.”

The other big news is that I graduated this week from the Institute for Integrative (IIN) Nutrition, in New York. I am now a certified health coach and a member in good standing of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am also an “ambassador” for IIN, which means that if you are interested in enrolling there yourself, I represent the school and can talk to you about it further.

MilestonesNot every milestone is as major as winning a contest or receiving certification. Some milestones might actually seem to be small in the grander scheme. But lately, I have been trying to let myself celebrate even the “little” high points in my life and I encourage my clients (and you!) to do the same thing. Give yourself a new pair of athletic socks when you make it to all your spin classes in a month. Acknowledge yourself for holding your tongue during a heated discussion by taking a long bubble bath. (Of course you probably wouldn’t want to celebrate losing ten pounds with a slab of cake, but you shouldn’t let the occasion simply slip by: after all you know how much effort that took!)

So what about you: What milestones have you marked lately? Post your accomplishments below and tell us how you marked the occasion!

May all your forks in the road be delicious,


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