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I am…

April 13th, 2012

I stopped at the health food store today, and there was a product I had not seen before near the checkout. Actually, it was a family of products: nutritional supplements in a liquid form, each named I AM…followed by an adjective. There was a countertop display, which included four products to choose from—dietary enhancements designed to address specific conditions. According to the promotional materials:

• I AM ENERGIZED not only gives you an immediate boost (most people feel it within 20 minutes), it also supplies key energy-related nutrients. This balanced formulation helps support daily energy.

• We all know what a difference a good night’s sleep can make. Combining melatonin, calming herbs, and several sleep-supportive amino acids, our proprietary I AM SLEEPY blend helps support falling asleep and staying asleep.

• Research shows that how often we get sick, and even how long we stay sick, are dramatically affected by our intake of nutrients and essential minerals. I AM HEALTHY helps support normal immune function.

• Unhappiness, sadness, and stress are directly related to your body’s internal chemistry. I AM HAPPY was created to help you reach a calm, positive state of mind with our exclusive Happy Blend. Plus, it’s clinically proven to work.

What really grabbed my attention was the fact that one of the “flavors” had already sold out completely and another had only three left of the original 12 contained in the display. The sellout was “I am Energized.” The second most popular was “Happy,” with three remaining bottles. The other two—”Sleepy” and “Healthy” were distant runners-up, with eight and nine left on the counter respectively.

The irony of the popularity of the different formulas wasn’t lost on me. If sales are an indicator, most people wanted more energy. Next they sought happiness. Then they craved more sleep. Finally, they desired improved health.

Shouldn’t that list be inverted? If we had better health—perhaps from more rest and sleep—wouldn’t we be happier and have more energy?  I AM just askin’!