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Day 5: Unplug & Recharge

June 7th, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: My name is Lauren and I am a senior at Drake University studying public relations and journalism. My passion for health and wellness and enthusiasm to learn about the industry led me to Sheree and Fork in the Road, where I will be interning over the next several months.  The following is part of my guest blog series.  Thank you for reading!


Near the end of yoga class yesterday—while we were resting in savasana—the instructor spoke about letting go.  She urged us to savor the moment in order to fully become absorbed into our practice.

Lying on my back, with my eyes closed and my arms wrapped around my shoulders as if I were giving myself a hug, I couldn’t help but think of my Unplug & Recharge experience. I silently applauded myself for the strength I had summoned during the initial days. A few moments later, I began to mentally prepare myself for the rest of the week. Though my struggles during the fast have been minimal so far, the next few days are may prove to be more of a challenge due to some demands on my schedule.

As the teacher talked about gratitude and dedication to our practice, I thought about how something as simple as not eating solid food could have such an impact on my mental outlook. By flooding my body with concentrated nutrition I found myself more able to disconnect from the stress and worry in my day-to-day life and focus more inwardly. While I was ready for physiologocal changes, it’s the psychological nuances that have given me the most benefit so far.

What about you? Have you ever fasted, and what unexpected discoveries are you willing to share?


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