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Day 10: Unplug & Recharge

June 10th, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: My name is Lauren and I am a senior at Drake University studying public relations and journalism. My passion for health and wellness and enthusiasm to learn about the industry led me to Sheree and Fork in the Road, where I will be interning over the next several months.  The following is part of my guest blog series.  Thank you for reading!


Here I am at Day 10.  Phew…the fast is actually (finally!) over. I‘ve certainly had my ups and downs, and—just to be honest—by about day 7 I was ready to be done. Ironically, my biggest revelation was the makeup thing on Day 1.  Another memorable point was when I celebrated a friend’s birthday (her 21st, even!) during the detox. Many people wonder how to navigate social situations during a fast and at first, none of my friends even knew. I finally blew my cover at the birthday soiree on Saturday (Day 9). I figured I was so close to the end, I could ‘fess up without being tempted for much longer. My friends fully accepted my explanation for forgoing tequila shots and were actually intrigued (and impressed) that I had been fasting all this time and they had no idea. Interesting observation: once I told someone I was forgoing food, every single one of them asked me if I was hungry. They were quite baffled when I told them no. But it really does make sense, I mean, after all, I was consuming adequate calories, I just wasn’t chewing them.

Now that I am on the other side and can reflect: I learned an important part of fasting is being prepared, and for the most part, I can say I planned pretty well.  Preparing the produce and cleaning the juicer takes time, so I had to think ahead. But once in a while when I was in a rush I would throw whatever produce together and be on my way. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, not so much. Knowing combination ratios can really be helpful (too much ginger is a hard juice to salvage!). Looking back, the headaches on the first few days were worse than the hunger. I quickly realized that after I added another juice to my day, my hunger pangs and other discomforts went away.

I won’t pretend that the last ten days have been a piece of cake. To be quite honest, I really am looking forward to noshing on a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast tomorrow. But I am happy with the outcomes and revelations I have experienced, and I know that the next time I do this I’ll be even better prepared and equipped.

What about you? If you have completed a fast, how did it go? What did you take away from the experience? Will you do it again?

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